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Prosper Canada seeks to build a strong foundation with and in First Nation communities learning about financial wellness in the specific context of Indigenous Peoples, their history and culture.

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Ava Williams successfully built her credit and started saving for her children's education through a Prosper Canada financial coaching pilot project.

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Prosper Canada works to improve the financial knowledge and well-being of vulnerable Canadians by increasing their access to quality financial information, education and counselling.

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Strengthening the financial capabilities of Canadians

Financial literacy is a fundamental necessity for Canadians of all backgrounds at every stage of their lives, providing them with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to make smart financial decisions and achieve financial well-being.

Prosper Canada, with its partners, assists Canadians in growing their incomes and savings, reducing their debt, improving their creditworthiness and building financial resilience through programs and resources that meet people where they’re at. Prosper Canada helps individuals in low-income situations to develop knowledge and behaviours vital to their economic security and ability to invest in their future.

Our operating companies Great-West Lifeco and IGM Financial, whose operations are intrinsically linked to financial literacy, actively support a number of community initiatives in this area. Power Corporation has chosen to support Prosper Canada, an organization that works with partners in all sectors to develop and promote financial policies, programs and resources that help Canadians to thrive financially.

There are a plethora of financial tools, apps, and information out there, however finding resources that are credible, easy to understand and tailored for people living on low incomes can be extremely challenging,” said Elizabeth Mulholland, CEO, Prosper Canada.
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