Montreal Heart Institute

  • The Montreal Heart Institute, a provincial, national and international leader in healthcare, prevention, research and teaching in the area of cardiovascular disease.
  • Each year, the Montreal Heart Institute treats over 50,000 patients from across Québec.
  • The Montreal Heart Institute’s Research Centre, the largest cardiology research facility in Québec and in Canada, boasts 625 employees, including 80 researchers who publish more than 300 articles a year.
  • The operating room: on the cutting edge of cardiovascular medicine.
  • The Montreal Heart Institute’s MRI room: the most advanced of its kind in Canada.
  • Mr. John A. Rae, accompanied by his wife, receiving the prestigious Medal of Honour of the MHI Foundation in 2014.


17,285 patients seen annually on an emergency basis

6,357 hemodynamics every year

2,332 electrophysiology procedures annually

2,169 surgical procedures every year

$218 million granted to the MHI by the MHI Foundation since 1977

$18 million donated to the MHI by the MHI Foundation in 2015-2016


A world-class model serving the population of Québec

Every year, some 50,000 patients come through the doors of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI). All receive a standard of care that’s considered among the best in the world, given the 2,000 professionals who work at the MHI and the state-of-the-art services they provide. As patients are helped and healed, they return to their families and loved ones, greatly multiplying the human impact of this remarkable facility.

Pioneers in cardiology

Created in 1954 by pioneering Canadian cardiologist Dr. Paul David, the MHI was the first hospital in Canada to specialize in cardiology and performed the country’s first heart transplant in 1968. The Institute, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2014, takes a multidisciplinary approach within the cardiology field, supporting significant programs devoted to patient care, research, teaching, prevention, rehabilitation and the evaluation of new technologies.

In research alone, the MHI employs some 625 professionals, including some of the best scientists and researchers in the world. As a teaching hospital associated with the Université de Montréal, this research is also supported by some 125 graduate and post-graduate students.

The MHI has created the EPIC Centre for Preventive Medicine and Physical Activity, the largest facility for cardiovascular disease prevention in Canada, with 5,000 participants in primary and secondary prevention programs.

The Montreal Heart Institute Foundation

Since 1977, the Foundation has granted more than $218 million to the Institute. Many of the programs at the MHI are made possible by the MHI Foundation, whose mandate is to raise funds for the Institute. The 2016 annual Grand Bal des Vins-Cœurs raised more than $1.7 million. Power Corporation is a supporter of the Foundation.  


“The MHI has been a pillar of Canadian leadership in cardiology care, prevention, research and teaching for 60 years,” said André Desmarais, Deputy Chairman, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Power Corporation. “It has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians regain their health and resume productive and rewarding lives. The MHI is a national treasure and Power is committed to its future.”

The MHI Foundation is deeply grateful to Power Corporation for its loyal support and its generous contribution to the MHI’s innovative projects, aimed at better predicting, preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases.

The MHI has been a pillar of Canadian leadership in cardiology care, prevention, research and teaching for 60 years.
André Desmarais
Deputy Chairman, President and
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Power Corporation of Canada


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