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Teach For Canada teacher, Caitlin, takes her Kindergarten students out for a nature walk in Sandy Lake First Nation.

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Teach For Canada’s Advisory Council is made up of education leaders from 19 First Nations.

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Teach For Canada teacher, Tyler, poses with a hole he just drilled through the ice in Sachigo Lake First Nation, while on an ice fishing trip with his Grade 4 class

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Teach For Canada hosts recruitment events across the country to find certified teachers who will be a good fit for the North.

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Teach For Canada’s 2018 cohort of 47 outstanding teachers during the Summer Enrichment Program

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The annual Summer Enrichment Program prepares teachers to live, work, and learn in a northern First Nation.

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During this Program, teachers participate in the Blanket Exercise, a experiential workshop that aims to foster understanding about Canada's history.

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A Mission of Inspiration and Empowerment

Boasting some of the best public schools in the world, Canadians can be proud of their home country’s strong and well-funded education system. And while many Canadian children benefit from this high-quality education, it remains that deep inequalities continue to exist throughout the country. This is particularly true across First Nations communities, where, on average, only 40 per cent of children living on reserves complete high school. Founded in 2013, Teach For Canada works in partnership with northern First Nations and education leaders to identify and recruit teachers with the motivation and passion to succeed in northern First Nations.

After three-week intensive training, educating the teachers themselves on First Nations histories, cultures, languages, and culturally-responsive pedagogies, as well as strategies for success in the North, Teach For Canada teachers make a minimum two-year commitment to work in the North. During this period, Teach For Canada provides professional, personal, and peer support programs, including in-classroom coaching, access to mental health counselling, healthcare coverage, and more. With teachers well-prepared and supported through the realities they will face in the North, Teach For Canada is able to reduce the rates of teacher turnover in each community.

We are proud to support Teach For Canada and its mission to give Aboriginal youth the same educational opportunities as non-Aboriginal youth, which will help open doors, and provide hope for a better future.
Paul Desmarais III
Senior Vice-President
Power Corporation of Canada



of students living on First Nations reserves do not complete high school


students across 19 First Nations have been impacted by 155 Teach for Canada teachers since 2015


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