• From Monday to Thursday, between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., students across Québec can reach the call centre and ask a teacher for help with math, French, science or any other subject.

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  • The Tuesday team of dynamic teachers at Alloprof’s Montréal call centre.

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  • Sandrine Faust is Executive Director and Founder of Alloprof.

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  • Simon, a math teacher, is there to assist students who need help.

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12.4 million homework assignments are completed each year

100 experienced and qualified teachers spend 20,000 hours annually providing homework assistance

Alloprof provides students with assistance from 5 to 8 p.m., Monday to Thursday

With a Unique Québec-Based Service, Homework Help is Just a Call or a Click Away

As just about any parent will tell you, homework assignments done in the early evening around the kitchen table can be among the most stressful moments of the day for both child and parent. A unique service for students in Québec is taking some of the stress out of the homework equation by providing on-demand assistance through a variety of means.

Launched in 1996, Alloprof now helps in the completion of more than 12 million homework assignments every year doled out to elementary and secondary students in the province. It covers all topics in the provincial education curriculum and the assistance is often provided on a personalized, one-on-one basis.

Allô prof gives students choices when they need assistance. They can call a toll-free number and speak with a teacher, or they can text their question and get an immediate answer. Both of these personalized services are available from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Students can participate in self-help forums online, or they can use the Alloprof virtual library, an online encyclopedia of all subjects taught in Québec schools. They also have access to short instructional videos, educational games, exercises, and tips and advice for both students and parents.

Targeting Those Most Vulnerable

Alloprof’s services are provided free and are especially promoted to students most at risk of failing – for example, those in lower income settings and new immigrants to the province. Thirty per cent of students fail to complete high school before the age of 20 and 68 per cent of school dropouts leave school because of learning problems.

Because the service is offered via telephone and online it avoids the transportation challenges associated with homework clubs and effectively reaches those in smaller, rural communities.

In an Alloprof study released in 2015, 82 per cent of parents interviewed said that homework posed a challenge for their children, while 95 per cent of students interviewed would recommend Alloprof to their fellow classmates. 98 per cent of students said their attitude towards school improved after using Alloprof. Overall, the study showed that Alloprof helped students study more effectively, finish their homework on time and learn more.

“It is in the early years of their education that children either come to embrace learning, or view it as a chore to be avoided,” says Sophie, mother of two young students. “Alloprof helps all kinds of students get their homework done and, by doing so, helps strengthen Québec’s educational system. An educated society is one that excels in almost every human endeavour, including business, science and technology, medicine, community services and the arts.”

Power Corporation has been a supporter of the work of Alloprof since 2010.

“Thanks to the support of partners like Power Corporation, Alloprof can turn Québec’s students academic difficulties into successes, one question at a time,” says Sandrine Faust, Executive Director of Alloprof.

Thanks to the support of partners like Power Corporation, Alloprof can turn Québec’s students academic difficulties into successes, one question at a time.
Sandrine Faust
Executive Director


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