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On the Tip of the Toes Foundation

Expedition’s participants at the Magpie River, on Québec’s North Shore. These therapeutic expeditions help participants rebuild their self-esteem through mentally and physically challenging journeys.

Photo: Guillaume Roy

Group of young people during an expedition in the Mingan Islands, on Québec’s North Shore, accompanied by experienced guides, medical professionals and a blogger/photographer.

Photo: Jean-Charles Fortin

The Evasion Rabaska participants set up the camp for the night.

Photo: Nicolas Tremblay

An incredible experience for the participants at the Poisson Blanc regional Park, in the Outaouais.

Photo: Nicolas Tremblay

Together, they realize that they can fight cancer. These group activities allow participants to share their experiences and develop lasting relationships.

Photo: Nicolas Tremblay

Therapeutic Expeditions Give Hope to Young Cancer Survivors

What better way to tell cancer to “go take a hike” than to take one yourself deep into the wonders of the Canadian wilderness? For the past 25 years, On the Tip of the Toes Foundation has been helping young cancer survivors do just that – leave their illnesses behind while working as part of a team to explore Canada’s vast geography.

The expeditions lasting anywhere from four to 10 days, which are offered free of charge to participants in remission from cancer for less than five years, allow young people to discover the wilderness while hiking, kayaking, dogsledding, snow shoeing or snowmobiling. Once the expedition is complete, participants come to realize that they can be stronger than cancer, no matter what lies ahead on the path to recovery.

We, at Power Corporation, believe that the Tip of the Toes Foundation offers great gains for young people allowing them to experience adventure; pleasure and joy of living; to meet other youths undergoing similar experiences; to make new friends; to connect with nature; to live new experiences; to get out of daily routines and to surpass oneself; to take a moment to enjoy life; to experience well-being; and overall, to gain powerful inner strength!

Therapeutic adventure allows young cancer patients to alter their story, to discover their strengths and to realize their dreams.
Jean-Charles Fortin
General Manager
On the Tip of the Toes Foundation



expeditions organized since the creation of the Foundation in 1996


of the youth come from Québec and more that 60% are male


See the video from the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation.