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Community Music Schools of Toronto

RPSM Percussion Students in action

Photo: Bruce Barton

RPSM Piano Student performing at a recital

Photo: Bruce Barton

RPSM Violin Student in concert with faculty and friends

Photo: Bruce Barton

RPSM DJ Students creating beats

Photo: Bruce Barton

RPSM Early Childhood Music students in concert

Photo: Bruce Barton

RPSM Guitar Student delights in recital applause

Photo: Bruce Barton

Music, a Key to a Brighter Future

For over 21 years, Regent Park School of Music (RPSM), which recently changed its name to Community Music Schools of Toronto, has been giving children and youth living in challenging circumstances in Toronto the chance to realize their true promise through a rich and rewarding after-school music education. Since 1999, RPSM has watched, in admiration, their students embrace every musical, mentorship and leadership opportunity that comes their way. They learn music in private and ensembles settings, in everything from piano to sound engineering; perform at recitals and in public; and make music with their peers, faculty and even the odd celebrity. The students find a second home and family at the school, and a nurturing place where they can grow and truly shine. 

“Regent Park School of Music has been a home away from home during my 10 years with the school,” said Jeirui, a 2021 graduating student. “From waiting in the green room before performances to participating in master classes with fellow students, the school has afforded me countless fascinating experiences. I know that I will always find a community at the school, a group of peers and mentors whose lessons and teachings will continue to guide me in the years to come.”

At Power Corporation, we believe that equitable access to a quality musical education, instruments, and once-in-a-lifetime performance opportunities, will help young people flourish creatively, personally, and academically.

Regent Park School of Music has been a home away from home during my 10 years with the school.
2021 Graduate



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