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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA).

Photo: Bernard Fougères and Jean-François Lejeune

From left to right: Jo-Anne Duchesne, Director General of the MMFA Foundation; Jeffrey Orr, President and CEO of Power Corporation of Canada; Stéphane Aquin, Director of the MMFA; Paul C. Genest, Senior Vice-President of Power Corporation of Canada; and Mary-Dailey Desmarais, Chief Curator of the MMFA.

Photo: Frédéric Faddoul

The MMFA collection comprises artworks dating from antiquity to the present.

Photo: MMFA, Denis Farley

The MMFA collection offers something for every taste.

Photo: MMFA, Jean-François Brière

The Museum offers activities for the whole family.

Photo: Mikaël Theimer (MKL)

The MMFA is a pioneer in the provision of art therapy.

Photo: Mikaël Theimer (MKL)

Moving forward, innovating, inspiring

Founded in 1860, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) stands as a beacon for art lovers, both locally and within the international museum community. The MMFA attracts over half a million visitors each year and has been awarded numerous honours, solidifying its status as a leader in the global arts world. With an extensive collection of close to 47,000 paintings, sculptures, graphic artworks, photographs, multimedia installations, and decorative arts objects from Antiquity to the present day, the MMFA provides a vibrant, contemporary, and innovative perspective on Quebec and Canadian heritage, Indigenous art, and international art.

As a dynamic hub of creativity and exchange, the MMFA collaborates with the community, education, health, and technology sectors to offer an enriching and transformative art experience for all audiences. Its educational, research, and art therapy programs engaged over 300,000 participants since its Sharing the Museum program was created.

The MMFA has launched a major five-year fundraising campaign to propel its mission forward and redefine its role in making art accessible to as many people as possible, and undertake several key projects that will allow it to fully play its role and make it possible for everyone to experience the benefits of art. These projects will transform many of its spaces and will serve to enhance its already high-caliber artistic programming, preserve and showcase the collection, deepen its community roots, and champion principles of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion (DEAI).

The Museum is a place of beauty and inspiration, and a source of joy and pride that is shared by Montrealers. Power Corporation is proud to support the MMFA, enabling it to pursue its cultural and social mission of transforming lives through art.
R. Jeffrey Orr
President and Chief Executive Officer of Power
Member of the Campaign Cabinet



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