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Festival de Lanaudière

The Festival is a musical jewel that shines because of its programming worthy of the greatest concert halls.

Photo: Christina Alonso

Since its beginning, the Festival features recitals in Lanaudière's most beautiful churches.

Photo: Agence BigJaw

Festival-goers enjoy attending outdoor concerts on the enchanting site of the Fernand-Lindsay Amphitheatre.

Photo: Agence BigJaw

The Festival makes music accessible to all audiences, thanks in particular to its pricing policy that makes concerts accessible to young people and families.

Photo: Agence BigJaw

New this year, cultural mediators will meet with the audience to discuss the concerts presented and answer their questions.

Photo: Agence BigJaw

A festival whose influence extends beyond its provincial borders

The Festival de Lanaudière is recognized as one of North America’s most important classical music festivals. Founded in 1978 by Father Fernand Lindsay, it presents concerts featuring some of the greatest performers and conductors on the national and international music scene. Performances mainly take place at Joliette’s Fernand-Lindsay Amphitheatre, as well as in some of the Lanaudière area’s most beautiful churches. The festival’s unique outdoor amphitheatre has exceptional acoustics and can accommodate 2,000 classical music fans under its roof and a further 4,000 on its lawn.

Year after year, the Festival de Lanaudière reasserts its role as an outstanding hub for music on both the Québec and international stage. It aims to democratize classical music and music education for the local community by bringing together people from around the world to enjoy the musical genre through bold and accessible events. In 2023, the Festival will inaugurate the Maison de la musique René-Charette, reaffirming its vision of making Lanaudière region the Canadian mecca of classical music.

Power Corporation has been a long-time supporter of the Festival de Lanaudière, a real driver of tourism and economic development for its region, a catalyst for Québec’s artistic and cultural vitality, and a gathering place for music lovers from here and abroad.



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