The Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Foundation

  • The hospital serves more than 600,000 persons, (a third of Montréal’s population).

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  • With ophthalmological laboratories among the best-equipped in North America, HMR’s expertise is recognized internationally.

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  • HMR houses Québec’s largest dialysis treatment facility all on one site and is the fourth most significant centre worldwide.

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  • The HMR Foundation donated $1 million for the hospital’s emergency modernization project. The new emergency allows room is better suited to the high-tech medicine practiced by the hospital's clinical teams.

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  • HMR’s excellence contributed to the development of Québec’s greatest expertise in stem cell transplant. The hospital's Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy is staffed with internationally recognized doctors and researchers in this promising sector.

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Each year, over 70,000 visits are made to the HMR’s emergency department, 75,500 visits to its ophthalmology department and 66,500 visits to its oncology department

5,068 employees, including 413 doctors, work at the HMR, with the support of 4,200 trainees and students

Approximately 2,700 babies are born at the HMR every year



Hospital in the Vanguard of Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Deeply rooted in Montréal’s East End since its founding in 1954, the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) continues to fulfil its mission to provide high-quality patient care through advanced and collaborative clinical practices that integrate knowledge sharing, teaching and research. Sustained by a tradition of innovation, the teams that make up the HMR community demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to that mission each and every day.

The HMR serves a population of 668,000 in the eastern part of Montréal and a significant number of clients from Montreal’s north and south shores as well as other Québec regions who need certain types of highly specialized treatments involving hematology-oncology, orthopedics, ophthalmology and nephrology.

Affiliated with the Université de Montréal, the HMR is also a centre for knowledge as well as innovation in teaching and medical research. Every year, it welcomes over 4,200 students–future doctors, nurses and other professionals–to help train the next generation of health-care providers. In addition, many scientific and medical research projects are underway at the HMR to develop new remedies and treatments, thus giving hope to those suffering from diseases that are currently incurable. For example, the HMR has offered uniquely groundbreaking cellular therapy treatments for a number of years. Indeed, thanks to the creation of its Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy (CETC), the hospital has the greatest expertise in cellular therapy in Canada and ranks among the largest stem cell transplant centres in the world.

A Foundation Whose Commitment Is Greater Than Ever

As a key partner since 1978, the HMR Foundation supports the hospital’s strategic directions for development that target meeting patient needs more effectively. The Foundation funds projects for the continuous improvement of patient care and the expansion of teaching and research activities.

From 2008 to 2015, the HMR Foundation donated more than $57 million to the HMR so as to make it, as a dynamic, innovative and attractive health-care institution committed to excellence, a benchmark for patients, staff and students alike.

Sponsoring Research Chairs

To help drive medical research within the HMR, the Foundation provides financial support for the creation of research chairs. Several such chairs have been established, including the Caroline Durand Foundation Endowed Chair in Regenerative Vision Research, the Léopoldine A. Wolfe Chair in Macular Degeneration, the Research Chair in Leukemia, and the Myeloma Canada Chair on Multiple Myeloma.

“Beyond providing medical care to the population, hospitals help create inclusive communities through their outreach programs,” says John Rae, Executive Vice-President of Power Corporation. “The HMR has for decades been a cornerstone of the many diverse neighbourhoods it serves and the Foundation has been a driving force for its effectiveness.”

“Power Corporation has been a long-time supporter of the HMR Foundation. Thanks to such partners, the HMR has established its reputation for excellence. In the years to come, the potential of regenerative medicine will guide the development of research and clinical care. By offering a complete range of specialized and subspecialized services–from diagnosis to rehabilitation–that meet the very highest standards, the HMR will consolidate its leadership position,” says Lucie Drapeau, Executive Director of the HMR Foundation.

The HMR has for decades been a cornerstone of the many diverse neighbourhoods it serves.
John Rae
Executive Vice-President
Power Corporation


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