Foundation of Stars

  • Power Team participating in the 2020 Tough Mountie challenge.

    Photo: Power Corporation

  • Each year, the RCMP organizes a spaghetti lunch to raise funds for the Foundation.

    Photo: Jean Martin

  • Representatives from the four major research centres at the announcement of the $1 million grant.

    Photo: Foundation of Stars

  • The Foundation of Stars' first Centre of excellence on childhood obesity in Québec.

    Photo: Foundation of Stars

  • RCMP officers have been staunch supporters of the Foundation of Stars for over 40 years.

    Photo: Foundation of Stars


+$72 million has been remitted to researchers to help support innovative and promising pedriatic research projects

The first Telethon of Stars was held in 1977 and broadcast throughout Québec

From Conception to Adulthood

The Québec-based Foundation of Stars is dedicated to fund research for cures and treatments for childhood, including orphan diseases. As a means of protecting, promoting and improving the health and well-being of children, the Foundation has been able to foster excellence and innovation by funding auspicious research projects.

The Foundation of Stars has partnered with the four major hospital research centres acknowledged as leaders in four distinct fields, namely: perinatal health (pediatric department at the CHU de Sherbrooke), rare diseases (CHU de Québec), mental health and neurodevelopment at adolescence (CHU Sainte-Justine) and inflammation and infections (Montréal Children’s Hospital - McGill).

Gaétan Courchesne, an employee of Power Corporation, who has a long association with the Foundation, says “for more than 40 years, the Foundation has made great contributions to the health and welfare of children, by funding pediatric research. Power Corporation has been a proud supporter of the Foundation of Stars for many years and always look forward to participating in its different activities, such as Tough Mountie or its Spaghetti Luncheon.”

It is only through the support of generous partners such as Power Corporation that the Foundation of Stars can contribute to such important pediatric research.
Josée Saint-Pierre
President and CEO
Foundation of Stars


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