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  • James W. Burns, accompanied by his daughter Martha Burns and her husband Paul Gross, in front of the plaque honouring Mr. Burns for his dedication and support of CancerCare Manitoba.


50% future increase in the number of cancer patients CCMB is now planning for

19 locations (2 in Winnipeg and 17 outside Winnipeg)

$140 million: CCMB budget (fiscal 2013)

800 staff members

$104 million: total amount granted to CCMB by CancerCare Manitoba Foundation since 2000

Innovations in cancer care

Power Corporation has been a long-time supporter of CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB), the provincially mandated agency providing cancer services to Manitobans. CCMB is responsible for providing care, treatment and support services across the entire cancer spectrum. Through early detection, care, research, education and public outreach, CCMB will contributes to the prevention of cancer and improve the outcomes and quality of life for Manitobans with cancer and blood disorders.It also provides services for populations in the adjacent jurisdictions of northwest Ontario, Nunavut and Saskatchewan.

Supporting Manitobans and their families

CCMB runs a number of innovative programs, including clinical trial research for both adult and pediatric cancers. CCMB leads all provinces in Canada in the participation rate for pediatric clinical trials, thanks in part to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, which funds over 50% of the cost for these trials. CCMB’s goal is for every eligible child to have access to a clinical trial.

CancerCare Manitoba's Research Institute, a joint research undertaking of CCMB and the University of Manitoba, conducts fundamental research in biology and its relation to health, with a primary emphasis on cancer and related diseases. CCMB also provides screening for cervical, breast and colorectal cancers, as scientific evidence suggests early detection through screening programs provides more treatment options and improved outcomes for cancer patients.

CCMB touches the lives of countless Manitobans every day through its Patient and Family Support Services program, which provides counselling, support groups, nutrition services and other resources.

A key individual behind a number of major fundraising campaigns for CCMB is James W. Burns, former Deputy Chairman and a current Director Emeritus of Power Corporation.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

The CancerCare Manitoba Foundation raises funds exclusively for CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB). All money raised stays in Manitoba to fund cancer research, care and patient support for Manitobans and their families living with cancer. CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has granted more than $104 million to CancerCare Manitoba since 2000. A key area of focus for the Foundation is funding the research infrastructure to attract and retain the best and brightest cancer specialists to CancerCare Manitoba, in order to help improve outcomes for Manitobans diagnosed with cancer.

In my experience, the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation strives to ensure that the money it raises goes straight to the target — CARE.
James W. Burns
Director Emeritus
Power Corporation of Canada


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