Nature Conservancy of Canada

  • Baie Verte, New Brunswick.

    Photo: NCC

  • Bayers Island, Nova Scotia.

    Photo: NCC

  • Cockburn Island, Ontario.

    Photo: NCC

  • Darkwoods, British Columbia.

    Photo: MA Beaucher

  • Fort Ellice, Manitoba.

    Photo: Don and Karol Dabbs

  • Governor’s Island, Prince Edward Island.

    Photo: CNC

  • Grassy Place, Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Photo: Danielle Fequest

  • Green Mountains Nature Reserve, Québec.

    Photo: Claude Duchaîne

  • Maymont Complex, Saskatchewan.

    Photo: Don and Karol Dabbs

  • OH Ranch, Alberta.

    Photo: Don and Karol Dabbs

  • John Lounds, President and CEO of NCC, with A Force for Nature campaign leaders, John C. Risley, President, Clearwater Fine Foods, and Paul Desmarais, Jr., Chairman and Co-CEO, Power Corporation.

    Photo: NCC


2,800,000 acres (more than 1.1 million hectares) protected since 1962

200+ species at risk for which habitat has been protected

81%+ of funds have gone directly to land conservation over the past five years


A force for nature for more than 50 years

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the country’s leading private land conservation organization. As a non-profit organization, NCC partners with governments at all levels and with corporations, individuals and other non-profit organizations to protect the natural areas that sustain Canada’s plants and wildlife. In addition to providing financial support, Power Corporation Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Paul Desmarais, Jr., served as the National Campaign Co-Chair of NCC’s A Force for Nature campaign from 2007 to 2012.

NCC’s work is led by a team of conservation science professionals who identify, plan and execute the protection of the best of Canada’s natural spaces and then care for them in a sustainable fashion for the long term. Careful processes are followed to ensure that conservation actions are efficient and effective.

Ensuring our natural heritage endures

Since 1962, NCC and its partners have helped to protect 2.8 million acres (more than 1.1 million hectares), coast to coast. By investing in conservation, NCC is ensuring our natural spaces remain a home for wildlife, a haven for recreation and a vital resource that filters the air we breathe and the water we drink. Its mission gives us hope that the landscapes we love today will be here for others to enjoy tomorrow.

“There are few things we can do that are more beneficial than conserving nature,” said Paul Desmarais, Jr. at the announcement of the public phase of the campaign. “Because of the immediate need and because of the size of the campaign, we are going to have a meaningful and consequential impact on the Canadian geography.”

“A Force for Nature brought together partners from all walks of life. Through this campaign, we worked together to conserve more than 752,000 acres (304,324 hectares) and protect habitat for 146 species at risk,” said John Lounds, NCC President and CEO. “But still more needs to be done. Let’s work together to build a natural Canada for our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren.”

With seven regional offices, NCC works in every province to conserve and care for the landscapes Canadians love and to ensure our natural heritage endures.

Let’s work together to build a natural Canada for our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren.
John Lounds
President and CEO
Nature Conservancy of Canada


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