La Mosaïque

  • Playing a major role in its self-financing efforts, the La Mosaïque Boutique supports the organization’s environmental mission, as well as provides area residents with a local store.

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  • La Mosaïque’s experienced team of volunteer tax return preparers. In 2015-2016, 2,612 people with low incomes made use of their services and, with their help, 5,705 returns were filed.

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  • To meet the demand for ongoing and emergency food assistance, each year volunteers cook around 840 healthy, appetizing meals, which are frozen in individual portions.

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  • Food donated during the holidays and sorted by volunteers goes to stocking La Mosaïque’s reserves. Approximately 600 individuals benefit from the organization’s food assistance service every year.

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  • Robert Charlebois with the honorary committee of La Mosaïque Foundation’s benefit concert.

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  • The La Mosaïque Choir brings joy and warmth to the lives of people in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Montréal and on the South Shore. The choir, which is 44-members strong, gives some 15 concerts each year.

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  • Stéphane Lemay of Power Corporation of Canada, Honorary Co-Chairman of the 2015 benefit concert Give and Change Their Lives!

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Founded in 1985, La Mosaïque can count on the support of 14 permanent employees and more than 300 active volunteers

Every year, over 6,300 individuals receive help from La Mosaïque

Serving the populations of 8 municipalities, La Mosaïque provides some 30 different services and activities

Helping the Disadvantaged Regain their Place in Society

Predicated on the belief that society is a wonderful mosaic of individuals, La Mosaїque and its staff and volunteers provide disadvantaged people with services fostering their independence and social integration. Firmly established in the Longueuil area of Montréal’s South Shore since 1985, La Mosaїque is a dynamic community volunteer centre offering a variety of services through an innovative approach that puts the emphasis on inclusion. Every action taken by the organization is based on the values of compassion, respect, professionalism and integrity.

An Organization That Moves in Step With its Community

Responding to basic needs, La Mosaïque’s services and activities aim to improve the life circumstances of the people it helps while respecting their dignity. At La Mosaïque, people of every kind of background and social status are welcomed and listened to, and can find solutions geared to their needs: psychosocial interventions, food distribution, emergency assistance, educational help, community action training, social reintegration, accompaniment to medical appointments, cultural outings, assistance with preparing tax returns, visits to markets, restaurant outings for seniors, help with shopping, and more. In fact, the organization provides its local community with over 30 different services and activities.

The Major Challenge of Self-financing

Thanks to the fundraising activities of its foundation, its Boutique and the donations it receives, La Mosaïque is also a centre that is 65% self-financed. These essential funds give it the independence to take concrete action and ensure its long-term future. By choosing to provide help locally, La Mosaïque sustains the cycle of mutual social assistance—giving back to its community by means of its many services.

The La Mosaïque Foundation, whose mission it is to support the centre financially, organizes two major fundraising events each year: a Voices and Wines of the World evening in May and the Give and Change Their Lives! concert in November. The members of Foundation’s board of directors and its chairman, Patrick Buchholz of Gesca/La Presse, volunteer their time to help La Mosaïque fulfill its mission of community assistance.

Volunteers with Heart

As a volunteer centre, La Mosaïque champions the promotion of volunteerism in the Longueuil area. It organizes a number of events recognizing the contributions of its volunteers, among them a tribute evening held annually during National Volunteer Week, at which two Big-hearted Volunteer awards are given to exceptional individuals involved in La Mosaïque and local organizations. As Sylvie Dépelteau, Executive Director of La Mosaïque, likes to point out, “Volunteers form the core of the centre—they bear responsibility for providing our services, and they’re our strength and our eyes on the ground!”

“La Mosaїque is an organization with tremendous heart, and deep roots in the community it serves,” says Stéphane Lemay, Vice-President, General Counsel and Secretary, Power Corporation. “The people behind La Mosaїque have developed a unique approach to assisting those in need and they do so with a great deal of sensitivity and respect. Power Corporation applauds the direct community impact of organizations such as La Mosaïque and is proud to provide support.”

Volunteers form the core of the centre—they bear responsibility for providing our services, and they’re our strength and our eyes on the ground!
Sylvie Dépelteau
Executive Director
La Mosaïque


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