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Centraide of Greater Montreal

Paul Desmarais III and Laurent Ferreira, Co-Chairs of the 2022 fundraising campaign, along with Claude Pinard and Marie-Hélène Laramée from Centraide of Greater Montreal.

Photo: Valérie Paquette

2022 Centraide Campaign : Poverty can impact anyone.

Photo: Centraide of Greater Montreal

A community cafeteria helps improving vulnerable people’s food security.

Photo: Centraide of Greater Montreal

Art therapy and craft workshops help people with mental health problems.

Photo: Centraide of Greater Montreal

By supporting academic perseverance and youth success, Centraide aims to break the cycle of poverty.

Photo: Centraide of Greater Montreal

Centraide combats food insecurity through a diversified approach aimed to meet long-term needs.

Photo: Centraide of Greater Montreal

Fighting poverty and social exclusion in Greater Montréal

For over 30 years, Power Corporation and its employees have supported Centraide of Greater Montreal by taking part in its annual fundraising campaign mobilizing thousands of volunteers, organizers and donors. Through careful investment of the money it raises in 350 area organizations and community projects, Centraide aims to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable so as to build an inclusive, poverty-free Greater Montréal.

Centraide has close to 50 years of expertise in and knowledge of Greater Montréal neighbourhoods. In fact, since 1974, Centraide has helped create and maintain a social safety net in Greater Montréal, home to over half the people living in poverty in Québec. 

Centraide implements strategies:

  • For the present and future of our youth (academic perseverance, support for families, etc.)
  • For decent living conditions (food security, affordable housing, etc.)
  • For an inclusive society (breaking the social isolation of seniors, fostering inclusion for people with disabilities and newcomers to Canada, etc.)  
  • For a strong and united social fabric (encouraging volunteer action, etc.)

In addition to providing financial assistance, Centraide also supports the development of community organizations, notably through capacity building and leadership programs.

Paul Desmarais III, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sagard, a member of the Power Corporation group of companies, is Co-Chair of Centraide’s 2022 campaign.




people helped by Centraide in the Greater Montréal area annually


invested in Laval, Montréal and South Shore communities in 2021-2022


organizations and community projects supported


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