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A Streetcar Named Desire. A play by Tennessee Williams, directed by Serge Denoncourt, and featuring Céline Bonnier and Patrick Hivon.

Photo: Caroline Laberge

The Andromache Project. A play by Jean Racine, directed by Serge Denoncourt, and featuring Anne Dorval.

Photo: Caroline Laberge

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Two short plays by Elfriede Jelinek, directed by Martin Faucher, and featuring Sophie Cadieux.

Photo: Caroline Laberge

Lights, Lights, Lights. A play by Evelyne de la Chenelière, directed by Denis Marleau, and featuring Évelyne Rompré and Anne-Marie Cadieux.

Photo: Caroline Laberge

The Voice of Women’s Theatre in Québec

For more than 40 years, ESPACE GO has been dedicated to contemporary theatre and promoting women stage artists’ work in advancing practices in the field, whether through writing, directing, or acting.

Under the leadership of its artistic director, Ginette Noiseux, women in theatre have become a force for change and enlightenment. Her embrace of innovative approaches has helped redefine and expand the role of women in the arts in Québec. She provides artists with a space free from outside pressures, within which they can experiment with new directions, refine their insights and continue their explorations of new ways of writing and staging theatrical works. She also puts an agile arts organization with a dedicated and experienced team at their disposal, as well as gives them the means and, most importantly, the time to create. 

Power Corporation is proud to support ESPACE GO and help it continue its artistic mission of charting societal transformations and showcasing the talents of women so that they, through their words and the perspectives they bring to their works, can enrich the collective imagination.

It has played a transformative role in creating new artistic opportunities for women and the larger theatrical community in the province, thereby enriching all of our lives. Power Corporation is proud to support ESPACE GO.
Paul C. Genest
Senior Vice-President
Power Corporation of Canada



The year ESPACE GO's precursor, the Women’s Experimental Theatre, was created


artists are routinely featured at ESPACE GO’s annual fundraising gala


See videos from Espace Go (in French only).